Links to interesting and, we hope, useful sites.

Applied Jung,a very interesting site.

Evan Hanks' readable and informative blog Outlaw Psych.

Paula Vanrein's site which has some interesting and informative essays. The site is in Dutch, but most of the essays are in english(Note; click on english on the left hand list to read the home page).

Lindsey Morrison's informative blog listing Bipolar and Depression resources

Bob Boozer's site that links MBTI to political orientation.

Dr. Stephan Diamond's site

Evil Deeds, Dr. Diamond's blog at Psychology Today

Biogenetic Structralism/Jungian Anthropology

Initatory Madness - Mad In America

JUNG LEXICON : A Primer of Terms & Concepts

Inner City Books, Jungian Publisher

C G Jung Analytical Psychology Club - London

Through a Jungian Lens, an interactive Jungian blog

John Betts, Jungina Analyst provides podcasts of basic Jungian concept.

Jung Platform Making Jungian Psychology accessible to a global community.

Massive Collection of Papers on Consciousness.

The CG Jung Page.

UselessScience: A forum dedicated discussing Progressive Jungian topics, and dreams.

Alexei Kurakin on the Mind as a Network, and Emergent Systerm.

Bruce McLennan's site, select "Recent reprints, preprints and technical reports," under MacLennan links for the good stuff.

Learn some basics of evolutionary psychology.

Andrew Samuels asks; "Will the post-Jungians survive?"

The C. G. Jung Institute of New York.

The Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice, a publication of the C. G. Jung Institute of NY.

Asheville Jung Center hosting Zurich Seminars, An International Learning Community

OmahJung.a Friends of

Jonathan Haidt's Home Page, Great Information about Social Psychology, with an emphasis on Moral Psychology.

David Richo, combines Jungian, transpersonal, and mythic perspectives in his work. Check out his free book:


Depth psychologist John Smethers' Scumbag Sewer Rats web site offers a unique, fascinating and heartfelt glimpse into the world of criminalized drug addicts based an an archetypal understanding of criminalized drug addicts.

Psyche's Journey, With simplicity and beauty, Psyche's Journey intends to enrich and sustain each reader's soul journey and to inspire those who seek a more soulful life.